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Navigation and contents on the Effiziento website

This is how you navigate through the website:

The main menu at the left edge of the screen is divided into 2 areas. When you click on a menu item, subitems appear directly under the item. These enable you to navigate directly to the individual categories. The drop-down menu is limited to 3 levels. If other levels are available, these are displayed in the page or in the right-hand column.

  • In the main menu area "Heat pumps start side" at the left-hand edge of the screen you will find all categories of our product range.
  • In the main menu area "INFOCENTER" at the bottom edge of the screen you will find general and product-neutral information on heat pumps and ventilation and heating systems that use geothermal heat, and also on other topics that deal with energy-efficient construction and provide you with the right tips. If you have trouble understanding a term, you will no doubt find an explanation in our "glossary".
  • "Search" is available to you at the top left. Detailed instructions for using this function are provided below.
  • With the "Print version“-button in the grey bar at the bottom of the screen you can generate a print-optimised page view. The print version opens in a new browser window.
  • In the centre of the page the path , that is, the level on which you are now located, is highlighted in grey.
  • On the right-hand side, in certain categories, we have provided additional information for you in the form of files for downloading or direct links to pages with further information relating to that of the present page.
  • Under “Contact" in the left column you can request documents or our free newsletter.

Using the search function properly.

Explanations for “Search" und “Extended search".

The searches are not case-sensitive. Entered words do not have to be, and must not be, abbreviated with "*" If you enter “heat" you will find all pages in which, for example, the words heatpump or geothermalheat are contained.

Several search words result in an OR logic operation. If you enter “heat pump ventilation" you will find all pages containing, for example, one of the words "heat pump" or "ventilation".
With "+" before a search word you get an AND logic operation. With "heat pump +ventilation" you will find all pages containing, for example, both words "heat pump" and "ventilation".
With "-" before a search word you get an excluding logic operation. With “heat pump -ventilation” you will find all pages containing, for example, the word "heat pump" but not "ventilation".

With "Search" a search is carried out in the title and page content. In the "Extended search" you can restrict your search to the title or the content of the page.

Or you use the site map, which provides you with a complete overview of the pages offered.

Activate JavaScript?

For faultless functioning and optimal display of this web offering, JavaScript should be activated in your browser.
If JavaScript is not activated you will not be able to use the print function "Print".

» Information on PDF format - Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Today the Portable Document Format - PDF for short - is the standard for platform-independent publication on paper, CD-ROM and in the Internet.

PDF files are identified by this symbol:

It enables an exchange of documents whose design (layout, graphics, fonts) remains intact, independently of the operating system used, such as e.g. Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or Mac OS.

To read/print documents in PDF format - here these are, for example, brochures and datasheets - you require the software Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you do not yet have Adobe Acrobat Reader, or an older version is still installed on your PC, you can download the latest version free of charge from the Adobe website:
» Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Information on Acrobat Reader

The most important functions of Acrobat Reader:

  1. 1 Save: Save a copy of the PDF on your PC.
  2. 2 Print: Prints the PDF or certain pages with your printer.
  3. 3 Move: With this function you can move the PDF in the browser window.
  4. 4 Enlarge: With the magnifying glass you can enlarge a section in the PDF. If you continue to click on the magnifying glass a “demagnifying glass" appears.
  5. 5 First page: Jumps to the first page of the PDF.
  6. 6 Back: Scrolls one page back
  7. 7 Forward: Scrolls one page forward.
  8. 8 Last page: Jumps to the last page of the PDF.
  9. 9 Original size: Displays the PDF in original size (100%).
  10. 10 Complete page: Displays the complete page in the browser window.
  11. 11 Window width: Displays the PDF over the complete width of the window.
  12. 12 Search: Searches for a word in the text.

Setting a bookmark.

How do I quickly get to certain information again?

Here your browser offers you a good and simple option. You can use a bookmark to mark websites that you often visit.

When you are on a website that is important to you, click on “Favourites" in your browser menu (or "Bookmarks" in a Netscape or Firefox browser) and then on “Add to favourites...".
If you would like to visit this page again, simply click on the appropriate entry under “Favourites” and the desired page will be immediately displayed.

Recommending the Effiziento website to others

We very much regret that we are unable to offer you a service for recommending our website to others.
As a result of a decision of the Regional Court of Munich I, persons offering a recommendation function can be legally accountable as “co-disturbers”. More about this at Heise.

If you wish to recommend a page from our website, you can do this on the appropriate page directly from your browser.

In the menu bar you can find the option under:

Internet Explorer: File / Send / Link by email
Netscape: File / Send page
Mozilla or Firefox: File / Send link

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