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The HV unit is perfectly tuned. The heat pump has a high coefficient of performance (COP). The ventilation system achieves maximum heat recovery through the reverse flow duct heat exchanger.

Technical data   HTZ 8
Recommended for buildings with a heat output at -14°C outside temperature kW max. 8
Air volume flow supply air/exhaust air m³/h 70-350
Heat recovery from exhaust air with reverse flow duct heat exchanger % 95
Compression available externally supply air/exhaust air Pa 100
Integrated fresh/exhaust air filter   EU 4 (G 4)
Optional pollen filter (fresh air)   EU 7 (G 7)
Operating limit air temperature °C -20 to +35
Max. heat pump flow / min. return flow temperature °C 55/25
Air volume flow outside air/outgoing air m³/h 3000
Compression available externally outside air/outgoing air Pa 20
Heating water flow rate recommended/internal pressure loss (at dT 10K=approx. 0.1 better COP) m³/h / bar 1.3/0.10
Heating water flow rate max./internal pressure loss (at dT 5K) m³/h / bar 2.5/0.32
Nominal heat output/coefficient of performance A7/W35 kW/COP 10.40/5.20
Nominal heat output/coefficient of performance A7/W45 kW/COP 9.60/3.84
Nominal heat output/coefficient of performance A2/W35 kW/COP 8.90/4.45
Nominal heat output/coefficient of performance A2/W45 kW/COP 8.30/3.32
Nominal heat output/coefficient of performance A-7/W35 kW/COP 6.80/3.40
Nominal heat output/coefficient of performance A-7/W45 kW/COP 6.50/2.60
Power consumption scroll compressor A2/W35 kW 2.00
Refrigerant /filling quantity type/g R404a/2300
Dimensions H/W/D cm 191x65x75
Air connections supply air/exhaust air DN 160
Air connections ventilation outside air DN 160
Air connections heat pump outside air/outgoing air DN 600
Condenser-storage tank connections DN 1 1/4" IG
Condensate connection (hose) DN 3/4"
Weight approx. kg 230
Rated power/protection kW/A 7.54/C16
Operating current scroll compressor A 8
Starting current scroll compressor A 40
Voltage/frequency V/Hz 400/50
Protection class according to EN 60529 IP 20
SOUND LEVEL LpA at 1 m distance with 100% HP+ventilation    
Noise radiation housing dB(A) 53
Duct “to outdoor” without silencer dB(A) 72
Duct “to living area” (at 200 m³/h) without silencer dB(A) 59
Housing   steel sheet
Colour   white
Place of installation   inside
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