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Heat pump and ventilation

Innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems!

Effiziento is a competent manufacturer for innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems. Our product range includes heat pumps and ventilation systems.

Into the development process at Effiziento flow all the experience and insights gained in the building of low-energy and passive houses.

Suitable HV units or compact units in monovalent (single-mode) operation for heating, cooling, hot water preparation and ventilation with efficient heat recovery were previously only available for small passive houses with 100-120 square metres of living space. With Effiziento's start-of-the-art products it has proved possible to solve all house technology needs in low-energy and passive houses with up to 800 square metres of living space efficiently and economically with a compact unit. Heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic water heating in a very small space. With highly efficient heat recovery and extremely low energy consumption, Effiziento enables the achievement of maximum living comfort

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